Company Profile

– Maximum Innovation Technology

Where we come from
Minnotek is formed by a group of experienced multinational engineer, product manager, and sales who have been serving in many vertical markets around the world in past few decades. We are always prepared & ready to listen and discussed new business opportunities with our client.
What we do
We provide OEM and ODM service, turning your ideals into an actual product.
What we believed

No 1 Client.      
No 2 Employee 
No 3 Investor   
Why work with Minnotek

Innovative and practical Ideals
We have experienced engineering sales who are constantly talking to many big & well-known clients around the world. Hence, we know the concept behind a product that we are going to produce. Having this advantage, we raise the hit rate of producing a successful product to the market.
We have talented hardware & software engineers who are able to put a solution together to meet our client’s requirement.
We have both experienced and young engineerswho have been ready and dedicated in work round the clock, even for weekends while developing a new product to meet our client’s dateline.
Advanced Technology
We have very good relationship with top technology universities in Taiwan. Through co-working many projects with universities professors, we always stay well-connected and updated to all advanced technologies that have not yet been deployed to the market.
We only hire dedicated employees who love the job they are doing daily at Minnotek. Therefore, we can respond to any inquiry comes into Minnotek instantly. As a results, we are always able to offer shorter lead time with good quality products for any shipment to meet our client’s schedule.
We are a company with high integrity. We will not share any of our clients’ business information with any other client. All clients’ business information will be classified as top confidential and will be sealed between Minnotek and our clients.
What is our Goal

Our goal is to design, produce, and manufacture most innovative and cutting-edge technology to our client around the world, and assist them in staying competitive by lowering the total unit cost in sourcing, producing, and assembly in Asia.
What is our Vision

Our vision is to provide most innovative & practical solutions to make the world a better place to live in!
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