Minnotek’s Rugged Tablet PC In Agriculture:

1.          Save time & Money
Animal care, breeding and feeding avctivites can required a lot of effort and time. Minnotek’s Rugged Tablet PC can help you to simplify these processes to save time and money.
2.          Enter Data On The Spot
Minnotek’s Rugged Tablet PC can run on most ready to use software application under Windows Operating System in any place. This advantage has allow the employees and employer to communicate, access and take down information on the field right away, to prevent entering the wrong data at the end of a long day. 
3.          Overcome Harsh Environment
Minnotek’s Rugged Tablet PC is specially designed to work and operate in any harsh environment in Agriculture industry. It is robust and rugged to stand to any dust, water, temperature, shocks, and drops that could possibly happen on the farm. The ruggedness of Minnotek’s tablet ensure daily routine work in the field will not be affected and cause a loss in business.
4.          Affordable solution
Minnotek’s rugged tablet solution is practical and affordable to any agriculture sector which required an efficient monitoring, controlling, tracking and labor management.
Agricultural Application 
  • Animal Care
  • ERP
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Soil Sampling
  • Nutrient Management
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