K19 Gives You 5 Major Possible Ways To Reduce Queue Problems, And Generate More Cash
Taipei, Taiwan (28th Jan 2015) - Minnotek is proudly to announce to you that K19 is ready for the market.
K19 is a slim, stylish, 19' Interactive Kiosk with Printer!
K19 Gives You 5 Major Possible Features & Applications For Restaurant To Reduce Queue Problems, And Get More Cash

  • K19 could help the restaurant owner, to get customer waiting in the queue to pay first, in order not lose the potential business.
  • K19 could inform the paid customer, when it is about their turn to enjoy their set  meal, while they are wandering around the shopping centre.
  • K19 could increase the table turn-over rate, since paid customer allows restaurant to prepare the meal in advance, meals are ready to serve when customer come in.
  • K19 could help to reduce problem by  take in too much cash, by making customer to pay electronically.
  • K19 could do other meal promotion & discount too.   


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