MWS-A8 Series Medical Panel PC

Taipei, Taiwan (10th Dec 2013) Tuesday - Minnotek is honored to introduce its MWS-A8 series medical grade panel PC built with a wide choice of MWS-A82 with 15.6’, MWS-A83 with 18.5’, and MWS-A84 with 21.5’ display screens. With the most efficient computing platform, the MWS-A8 series are specially designed for hospital infotainment. Featuring Intel Pineview processor and high contrast LED LCD, the terminals are the perfect solution for various application in the medical environment. Optional true-flat resistive gesture & projected capacitive touch panel offers the utmost state-of-the-art innovation. Certified by EN-60601-1-1-2, the MWS-A8 series use the most advanced materials in anti-bacterial technology.

Also, with a dust and water resistant true-flat screen, maintenance and clearing are a breeze while still performing with high reliability.

The rich I/O ports designs offers excellent peripherals connectivity to provide personalized multimedia entertainment and communication choices; thus, hospital services and patient satisfaction are dramatically increased. This combination of features makes MWS-A8 series especially suited for all medical environments such as hospitals, treatment centers and elderly cares.


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