Minnotek’s Rugged Tablet In Manufacturing

1.      Efficiency
Research and studies have shown that industrial computer has help to boost up the efficiency in the manufacturing sector, where every small little improvement in the production process could lead to a big gain on the overall production of goods. Besides that, improving efficiency of production could also mean time saving, cost down in production, and more revenue could be generated through effective production management!
2.      Overcome harsh environment
Portable computer integrated with WMS (Web Map Service) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) can be vulnerable in hazardous factory. Hence, it is essential and important to have a rugged warehouse computer that could stand to any fall, bumping, dust, splashing of water or shocks and bumps that could possibly happened in the factory, to ensure the rugged computer doesn’t break down during a shift. Today Minnotek’s rugged tablet will help you to overcome the hazardous environment in the factory.
3.      Affordable solution
Minnotek’s rugged tablet solution is practical and affordable to any factories which required an efficient security, safety, data and labor management.
  • Data collection
  • Security
  • Quality assurance
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Inventory management
  • Tracking system
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