Minnotek’s Rugged Tablet In Distribution

1.      Stay Competitive
To stay competitive in the distribution market, cutting cost is just not sufficient on an already tight margin food and beverage business. Knowing stock inventory and provide speedy and in time delivery is the key to satisfy chain store, retail shop and supermarket customer.
2.      Overcome Harsh Environment
Minnotek’s Rugged Tablet PC is specially designed to work and operate in such a fast pace and harsh environment in distribution business It is robust and rugged to stand dust, water , temperature, shocks, bumps and drops inside vehicle or outside vehicle during delivery. The ruggedness of Minnotek’s tablet ensure daily routine distribution work will not be affected and cause a loss in business.th can
3.      Affordable solution
Minnotek’s rugged tablet solution is practical and affordable to any distribution and delivery business which required an efficient stock and labor management.  
  • Delivery
  • On spot payment
  • Tracking system
  • Inventory management
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