Minnotek’s Rugged Tablet In Warehousing

1.      Efficiency
Utilizing Technology is the key to boost up efficiency to win business in any warehouse and logistic industry today. With thousands of item on the shelf, real time information knowing the inventory level, where the stock located and where these stocks are going, preventing mishandling of the goods maximizing space in warehouse, can be challenging for manager and operators in a warehouse. Efficiency is impossible to achieve without a proper tracking system.
2.      Visualization
Minnotek’s rugged tablet solution enable the operator to have a visualization of the entire warehouse, to quickly finding or locating goods. Warehouse manager could also effectively coordinating his team to fill any rush orders that salesmen could bring in any time.
3.      Overcome harsh environment
Portable computer integrated with WMS (Web Map Service) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) can be vulnerable in hazardous warehouse. Hence, it is essential and important to have a rugged warehouse computer that could stand to any fall, bumping, dust, splashing of water or shock and constant vibration on the forklift etc, to ensure the rugged computer doesn’t break down during a shift. Today Minnotek’s rugged tablet will help you to overcome the hazardous environment in the warehouse.
4.      Affordable solution
Minnotek’s rugged tablet solution is practical and affordable to any new or existing warehouse which required an efficient security, safety and labor management.
  • Shipping & receiving
  • Pick & put away functions
  • Maintenance
  • Inventory Management  
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