Field Service

Minnotek’s Rugged Tablet PC In Field Service

1.      Save time & Cost Less
Minnotek’s rugged tablet is efficiently helping technician in the field more efficient than ever. It allows technician to have instant access to the data base, retrieving information and instruction to complete their job, more quickly and effectively. This will help the organization save time and money on communication and technician cost, and increase customer satisfaction on the service provided.
2.      On spot data & payment collection
Barcode scanner and Credit card on the tablet enable technician to check items sold in the past, and bill the customer right after the service, making the field service more efficiently.
3.      Overcome Harsh Environment
Minnotek’s Rugged Tablet PC is specially designed to work and operate in any harsh environment in field service industry. It is robust and rugged to stand to any dust, water, temperature, shocks, and drops that could possibly happen in the field. The ruggedness of Minnotek’s tablet ensure daily routine work in the field will not be affected and cause a loss in business.
4.      Affordable solution
Minnotek’s rugged tablet solution is practical and affordable to any untility service company which required an efficient security, data retrieving and technicians management.
  • Logistics
  • Construction Site
  • Property management
  • Equipment Repair
  • Public Utility  
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